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Specializing in Mobile Automotive Oil Change Services:

At SoCal Oil Star a San Diego Oil Change Service, we specialize in providing on-site oil change services for the busy professional who doesn’t have time to visit the lube shop.

Professional Maintenance On-site

SoCal Oil Star is a family-owned-and-operated oil change and maintenance company serving San Diego and surrounding cities. Our services are geared to provide the ultimate in convenience for consumer and corporate clients by offering on-site San Diego oil change services. Our goal is to ensure that you, our customer, receive outstanding service at a time when it is convenient for you.

Your Oil Change Source

Our automotive San Diego oil change services are available at your home, business, or any location you like. Not only do our services save you the time in your day that it would take to go to the lube shop, we also save you money by providing our services at great, low rates! Choose San Diego oil change service by SoCal Oil Star the next time your vehicle is in need of an oil change, and experience the difference it makes, or doesn’t make, in your schedule!

Superior Customer Service

We will do our best to accommodate you and provide you with the type of service you expect and deserve. We take great pride in being flexible with our schedule to ensure that you don’t have to plan your entire day around the service needs of your vehicle. Instead, we plan our schedule around you. We use quality oils and filters on both corporate and personal vehicles.

Required Maintenance

Did you know that SoCal Oil Star Mobile Oil Change can perform required maintenance on your vehicle while it is under warranty? Some car dealerships lead you to believe that they must perform the maintenance to fulfill warranty requirements. This couldn’t be further from the truth! By law, manufactures cannot require a consumer to buy parts or services from a particular company to meet warranty requirements, except under RARE circumstances. Your owner’s manual specifies exactly what maintenance is required, and in most cases, SoCal Oil Star’s Mobile Oil Change service can perform the services in less time, at less expense. SoCal Oil Star Mobile Oil Change recognizes your vehicle is an investment. You can count on our skilled technicians to deliver quality service and products that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications.

Keeping a Healthy Car

Keep your life and your car running smoothly and safeguard the environment! Maintaining a healthy car is almost as important as maintaining a healthy body, and life is tough when your vehicle does not function the way it should. Calling SoCal Oil Star Mobile Oil Change Service regularly will help you maintain a healthy, hassle-free vehicle. SoCal Oil Star’s technicians may spot a potential problem that can be easily addressed now. Ignored, that little problem could grow into a great expensive problem later. Your body demands fluids, so does your car. Having brake, steering system, battery and automatic transmission fluids inspected regularly can save you from any number of dilemmas, like when you shift your transmission into drive, and it won’t! Today’s lifestyles are rough on cars. Most motorists drive under severe service conditions. Making short trips with many stops is taxing on your vehicle. SoCal Oil Star Mobile Oil Change can keep your engine running smoothly by providing timely oil changes. Did you know that one gallon of oil disposed of carelessly can ruin ONE million gallons of fresh water? SoCal Oil Star take care of used oil and filters properly. And, well-serviced vehicles help keep the air cleaner. Calling SoCal Oil Star Mobile Oil Change Service regularly not only keeps your life and car running smoothly but safeguards the environment as well.

Why Change Your Oil?

Your car may be clean on the outside, but is it clean on the inside?
The life expectancy of your car depends on your answer. Motor oil gets contaminated by substances like dust, metallic shavings and even antifreeze. And did you know that the additive package, which is part of your fully formulated motor oil, will break down in time and become a contaminant, too? As contaminants are whipped into the oil, sludge is formed. This sludge will stick to parts of the engine causing the engine to perform less efficiently. Eventually, this sludge can cause engine failure. Neglecting oil changes is hazardous to your engine’s health, especially if you drive under severe driving conditions, which most people do. Severe conditions include making short trips, driving in stop-and-go traffic, extended idling, driving in dust or dirty air, towing trailers and cold weather driving. Changing your oil every 3,000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first, is generally recommended. However, you should follow the recommendations in your owner’s manual. Even a car that is not running will get oil contamination as a result of accumulated moisture. If the car isn’t run long enough to get rid of the moisture, it becomes damaging.
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Mobile Oil Change San Diego

PO Box 1154 La Mesa, CA 91944
(619) 717-2913
Email: sales@oilstaronline.com

The Quick Connect Fit

With the quick connect fitting SoCal Oil Star techs are able to cut down on messy maintenance supplies such as oil funnels, oily rags, pig mats, and other supplies that are associated with oil changes that are not 100% self-contained and enclosed.
- Twice as fast as gravity drain
- No labor spent removing drain plugs
- No chance of stripping drain plug threads
- Enclosed fluid changing operation
- Eliminate chances of hot oil spills
- Protects operator from contact with hot fluid
- Vacuum oil directly from the pan